Driven by passion and craftsmanship.

NDT: The world of pottery.

For years NDT International B.V. has been supplying pottery worldwide. With a focus on quality and craftsmanship, NDT creates exceptional collections. Thus, almost every product is unique at NDT. This is due to the traditional way in which much of the pots are still made. Also, NDT also manages their own product development, which leads to surprising and unique new products.

What started as a small company that only sold potting soil, has changed a lot after more than 50 years of experience. Meanwhile, NDT pots are sold in approximately 48 countries worldwide. To provide these customers, large or small, with the same service, NDT International has a warehouse of over 25,000 m2 in both the Netherlands and Vietnam.

Delivery to 48 countries.

Cooperation with 30 factories.

28,000m2 warehouse

50+ years of experience as a family business.

More than 50 employees.

Import from 7 countries.

Where it all started.

Geert Jansen, together with his wife Bep Jansen, started selling potting soil in 1968 under the name NDT Nederland B.V. (Dutch German Turf Products). However, Geert soon saw a gap in the market: flower pots. As he brought potting soil to southern Italy for shipment to Saudi Arabia, he took back another load of pots. Later, NDT began to do business with factories in Europe and Asia and rapidly sold its products in both the Netherlands and Western Europe. Pretty soon Bep and Geert’s children, Charlotte, Bart and Jasper Jansen, joined the company. What started as a Saturday morning job in the warehouse eventually became a serious role for each of them in the company. In 2005, NDT pottery was taken over by Charlotte, Bart and Jasper. After this, sales soon went global. NDT International became a household name! Today, Bart and Jasper are still at the helm. A real family business, where the third generation is now also at work.

NDT: from clay to customer.

Always wanted to know how our pots get from concept to garden center? Because we are proud of our people, pots and processes, we have put them in pictures. See the adventure of the pot!