NDT now even more sustainable

For years, NDT International B.V. engaged in sustainable business operations. A new chapter was added in 2019. 5265 solar panels have been installed on the roof of the NDT headquarters in Gendt. These panels will provide power for more than 400 homes.

Sustainability has always been a spearhead in NDT’s business operations. For example, all lighting has previously been replaced by energy-efficient LED lamps. The consumption of 97,000 kilowatts has thus been more than halved to 48,000 kilowatts. Even measures such as switching off the warehouse lamps during the lunch break yielded a saving of 12%.

Other investments have been made for the purpose of separating residual waste. The wood, foil and cardboard are thoroughly separated. Also in Asia, in the factories of NDT and family businesses, work is done according to the environmental rules that we know here. In the philosophy of NDT International, these kinds of measures are seen as necessary to close the chain. There is no point in doing it here and not doing it where it is not visible!